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“CEEF exists for the sole purpose of making us the best we can be professionally, so that we can do the best job possible inspiring, nurturing, and meeting the huge range of needs of our students. CEEF wants us to dream big. How lucky are we? So dream big, my friends, dream big.”

Cameron Rosenblum, Pond Cove Library and Media Specialist

Thank you to everyone who applied for grants this year, and congratulations to our grantees! We will post our grant deadlines for the 2023 – 2024 school year in August.

CEEF is always here for any questions or to talk through your ideas! Reach out to our Grant Chair, Sheri Bragg, at [email protected] CEEF also has a teacher representative from each school; feel free to contact them with any questions about the application process.

Sonia Pareja                CEHS

Morgan Kerr                  CEMS

Julie Merriam                Pond Cove

You can also take a look at our Sample Grant Application to help you get started. Then , or read about recent CEEF grants!

CEEF grants foster innovative and creative ideas that enrich the curriculum, explore new teaching practices, and impact a significant number of students. 

We Encourage:

  • creative ideas that enrich the curriculum;
  • collaborative efforts among teachers, students, and the larger community;
  • major initiatives that significantly impact the school community;
  • ideas that benefit future students by exploring new teaching practices;
  • practices that can be replicated across grades and schools.

Application Guidelines and Funding:

  • CEEF may fund projects partially or in full.
  • We encourage collaboration and/or funding from sources in addition to CEEF when budgets demand.
  • Discussions about technology training and installation with respective district departments should take place prior to submission in order to expedite benefits.
  • CEEF does not fund transportation or accommodation costs associated with Professional Development. However, the committee will consider funding these costs if unique circumstances apply.


  • The grant will have a significant impact on Cape students.
  • The proposed project supports excellence in teaching or is an innovative project or idea.
  • It explores an interest or passion that will in turn benefit student experience.


  • Emails will be sent to applicants acknowledging receipt of the proposal.
  • Applicants will make a 20-minute presentation to our Grant Committee.
  • Applicants will be notified of decisions following board approval.


  • Educators who are the recipients of a professional development grant are not eligible for another professional development grant the following year.
  • Grant recipients must submit a signed contract before funds will be authorized for use.
  • Grant recipients must provide updates and make CEEF aware of any photo opportunities when applicable.

To Apply:

NEW! Please complete our new, online grant application by clicking “Start Grant Application” below.  Our new form will allow you to submit your application to us directly, start and save an application, and upload files to submit.

Click here to

Click to view a Sample Application.

Thank you,
Sheri Bragg, Chair, Grants Committee

Contact: [email protected]

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