Alumni Award

The success of an academic institution is best exemplified by the positive impact of its graduates. The CEEF Alumni Award seeks to identify recipients who, through their dedication and perseverance, have made significant contributions to their communities, professions, or society as a whole. We hope the recipient will motivate graduates to seek excellence in school-related pursuits and in the future in their careers, families, and communities.

If you would like to nominate someone for the 2024 award, please fill out our nomination form to submit their name.

Please join us in congratulating the 2024 Recipients of the CEEF Alumni Award!

For 2024, CEEF chose to honor not one, but many – the graduates of Cape Elizabeth who have returned to their hometown to teach and inspire the next generation of Capers! In 2023, this included 23 alumni across the district. These include teachers at all three schools, Ed techs, and Administration. CEEF wanted to recognize the dedication and unique perspective these alumni bring to students. We also extend our thanks to those alumni who have worked in the district before 2023 and helped make Cape schools, and our town, better for all students.

Current Cape Graduates in the district (as of the date of the 2023 Award):

Dave Bagdasarian – Director of Facilities

Charlie Carroll – Sixth Grade Teacher, CEMS

Dave Croft – Special Education, CEMS

Joey Doane -Sixth Grade Teacher, CEMS

Rhonda Downer – Ed Tech, CEMS

Betsey Goldstein – Ed Tech, Pond Cove

Alison Hawkes – Seventh Grade Teacher, CEMS

MaryJane Johnston – Art Teacher, Pond Cove

Cheryl Joys -Special Education Teacher, CEMS

Christine Marshall – Theater Director, CEHS

Alina Perez – School Psychologist, District

Jo-Ellen Rand – Ed Tech, Pond Cove

Susan Ray – Administrative Assistant, CEHS

Jim Ray – Technology Teacher, CEHS

Ben Raymond – Special Education Teacher, CEHS

Trina Richards – Ed Tech

Dawn Rioux – Kindergarten Teacher, Pond Cove

Tom Robinson – Special Education Pond Cove

Brent Staples – Achievement Center, CEHS

Jeff Thoreck – Athletic Director

Jen Williams – Ed Tech, CEHS

Steve Young – Director of Transportation – District

Past Winners

2021 – Christine Marshall

2020 – Clare Egan

2019 – David Barber

2018 – Nick Tammaro

2017 – Don Perkins

2016 – David Weatherbie

2015 – Henry Kramer

2014 – Luke Holden

2013 – Joan Benoit

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